Andronikus + Eleanor

Andronikus + Eleanor

Weather can spoil the mood a bit in the circumstances of an event. I felt so bad for these guys as I know they loved being outdoors. However sometimes you have to have a little faith.

I was so encouraged by everyone at E and A’s Wedding , not one person even cared that it was raining! They all embraced it. I always say, ” You’re not getting married to someone because of the weather, so its the end as long as you’re together that’s the main part.” Yes, of coarse we all want sunshine , but I really believe that if it is raining on your wedding day the couples that are so in love are just happy to be together. And these two proved that.

We had so much fun! Lucky enough, the rain did stopped briefly and we able to get images around Ocean view Estate and the top of Mt Mee. I can see the joy from these guys through the images and that is why I love my job. I get to capture happiness, love and joy.

Location – Samford valley Community Church / Ocean View Estate
Makeup – Shannon Hope
Florals – The Little Flower Market
Shoe – RM Williams, Windsor Smith
Bridesmaid Dress, Zimmerman
Suits – MJ Bale
Hair – Elizabeth Crossley
Dress – LUV Bridal
Jewellery – Mimco


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